Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dustin Eggett

Born April 12, 2013
3:20pm at the Logan, Utah IHC hospital
8 lbs 4 oz and 19.5 inches long

The night before I started to contract every 10 mins around 9:30, but didn't say anything or do anything different because they would usually always stop.  I just headed to bed, but this time, they consistently stayed at 10 mins apart and continued to gradually get harder and harder - enough that it would wake me each time.  By about 2:30 in the morning, I stayed awake to time them for about an hour before waking Brett to have him time them with me.  Knowing that we had an hour and a half drive to the hospital, we debated on whether to go or not.  I had to work that day and Brett had 3 meetings he would miss, so we continued to time them and when they moved to 6 mins apart, I made the decision that we were going.  I was so thankful that my mom had decided to come stay with us that week.  We didn't have to worry about waking Jace and Mckelle and there was no worries of getting them somewhere. We left the house and had to stop at Brett's work to pick up his laptop, contractions were then about 3 mins apart and I was starting to get worried that we would be delivering a baby on I-15.  Within a half hour and after a couple of prayers, contractions went back to 6 mins apart and still continued to get harder.  We arrived in Logan around 9:30 and got all checked in.  Unfortunately, when they broke my water it slowed contractions to every 15 mins.  They let that happen for about 2 hours before they put me on pitocin.  I was still making progress, just very slowly.  I arrived and was at a 3 and within that time had progressed to a 4.  Doing a natural delivery, I could tell I was getting tired/exhausted and was totally ok with having them put me on pitocin to speed things up.  I was having alot of back labor with this delivery and was thankful that the pitocin did speed things up.  A few hours later we found out our surprise was a BOY and it felt so right.
A few things I want to remember from this delivery:
*I kept stealing sips of Dr. Pepper from Brett's drink when the nurse wasn't looking.
*I was SO hungry and the popsicles and ice chips were NOT doing the job - even though those were the best popsicles I have ever had.
*I got mad at Brett for eating chips and then breathing with me - I told him to get his chip breath out of my face because I was so hungry.
*I had the best nurse ever (she had 26 years of experience and had no problem rubbing my feet during the hardest part - transition)  I didn't even ask her she just did it.  She even gave me a thank you note at the end for allowing her to be a part of our experience.

Enjoy the pics!

I love my little family and so thankful to be their mom!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A few random recent pics

Jace had his first dental appointment and did SO great!  He had 2 fillings done and also had one of his front bottom teeth pulled.  He and Dr. Bruderer did great!

I am so glad we had his tooth pulled, because I was a little undecided, but his adult tooth had come in behind and the baby one wasn't wiggly anymore.  But after pulling it, the adult one has moved right into place of where it should be.

In our backyard we have some very large willow trees that haven't received attention for awhile and so Brett has spent some time pruning and making them more manageable and beautiful.  I think secretly he LOVES this kind of stuff.

Anyone want some firewood for the fall?

Jace has had his first practices for t-ball and says it is way better than soccer because you get to do more stuff and his legs never hurt as much as they did in soccer from running all the time.

And last of all for and my big belly!  I feel hideous and swear people just stare at me, but I am sure that is just my subconscious.  Monday we will get to meet our surprise boy or girl!  But as for now I sit at a 2 and only 75% effaced with several contractions and LOTS of pain in my hip flexors and with my umbilical hernia...which you can see poking out in the pic.  Sorry they are not great pics, but you get the point of how big and hideous I am.
36 weeks 
38 weeks

With all that said...I still hope to put up some before and after pics of the house.  We love being here, but I do miss all my old friends way more than they know.  I am still trying to find my spot in my new place, area, and ward.  

As for Mckelle, she is doing great and is so excited for our surprise!  She is still her funny, independent, and cute, and defiant self.
She came out of the bathroom like this the other day and thought it was so funny to have her pants up so high.
She hurt her finger and was showing us...notice both hands are flipping us off.  This is nothing new for her...even in her 20 week ultrasound she was flipping us off.  A habit we will have to break.

And just some of my cute kids!  I love them so much!

Notice their shirts!  Grandpa Eggett gave them these for Christmas last year and they are seriously treasure to them.  They love that they can be "something" for grandpa, because really we are AGGIE fans around this house!

I think that gives you a little more of what is going on in our house...ENJOY!

Introducing Tank...our Black Lab!

We always told Jace that when we bought a house and we were not renting anymore that we would get him a dog.  He has wanted one for SO long!  So, on christmas eve, we surprised the kids with a ride in the car and a couple of gifts (a leash and a collar) and we went to the puppy litter and got to pick out their puppy.  It was so fun and we love having him in the family.  He is definitely a puppy (accidents, chewing, and being wild at times), but we LOVE him!
This was the day we picked him out and collared him.  He seems so tiny compared to now.
This was a couple of months ago...he seems to be a good sport for Mckelle.
The kids LOVE playing outside with Tank.

Glad we have him as part of the family!